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An amputation injury is sometimes a consequence of a serious motor vehicle accident, such as a car accident or motorcycle accident. The loss of a limb can debilitate you physically, and be emotionally devastating, and many find it psychologically challenging to move past it and live a normal life going forward.

Suddenly, you may have trouble performing routine tasks day-to-day. It may prevent you from making income and affect your overall enjoyment of life for months to come. Add to that the potential medical complications and physical limitations that a loss of an extremity puts on a person.

While you may feel lost and hopeless in the face of such hardships, please reach out to the personal injury lawyers at Joshua Goldberg Law.

As experts in handling personal injury cases involving amputation injuries, we can provide guidance on accessing medical treatment, physical therapy, counseling, and other pathways to recovery. Stop suffering and start on your journey to healing.

As our client, we are committed to advocating on your behalf for fair compensation while ensuring your needs are met.

The Role Of Toronto Amputation Lawyers In Personal Injury Cases

A traumatic injury lawyer can help you in two key ways – receive accident benefits and support for traumatic amputation aftercare and medical attention.

As a victim, it should not be on you to have to launch a personal injury claim on your own and go through all that paperwork. On top of that, attempting to deal with an insurer is intimidating and overwhelming to a lot of people. They won’t treat you fairly and will be looking for any way to deny you compensation.

The role of your amputation lawyer is to ensure your rights are respected and that what you are owed is provided to you.

Understanding Amputation Injuries: Types And Causes

Amputation is defined by an insurance company as a severe injury, ranging from major amputations and catastrophic injuries to minor amputations.

Major Amputation

  • Below knee amputation
  • Knee disarticulation
  • Above-the-knee amputation, or transfemoral amputation
  • Leg amputation
  • Transradial, or amputation of the forearm
  • Transhumeral, or amputation above the elbow
  • Shoulder disarticulation
  • Hip disarticulation

Minor Amputation

  • Partial foot amputation
  • Ankle disarticulation
  • Finger amputation

The cause of these injuries is an accident where there is extensive blood loss to such an extreme that it causes the death of a limb.

Further complicating the healing process is phantom limb pain or phantom limb sensations. This is where a victim feels a limb that is no longer there. Phantom limbs can give off sensations of pain, burning, itching, and other uncomfortable sensations.

Legal Considerations In Amputation Cases Following Motor Vehicle Accidents

If the loss of a limb was due to the negligence of another party, speak with personal injury lawyers without delay. You may be entitled to compensation to cover medical expenses and medical rehabilitation, lost wages, loss of future ability to earn money, loss of enjoyment of life, cost of future medical treatment, and pain and suffering.

Negligence must be proven and there are several ways to do so, such as the following.

  • Negligent drivers, distracted drivers, or drunk drivers.
  • Failure to maintain public roads and/or a public area to standard.
  • Failure to maintain proper safeguards and procedures.
  • Product failure or malfunction.

Navigating The Complexities Of Personal Injury Claims For Amputation Victims

You have two years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit typically. If you are launching a lawsuit against a municipality, however, you must submit a written notice within 10 days following the injury date.

This is why it’s essential to not wait and reach out to an amputation injury lawyer within the proper time limits.

In fact, there are many time limits imposed on victims of car accidents seeking compensation.

  • Submit a written notice, served or sent by registered mail, within 60 days after the occurrence of the injury.
  • Inform any accident benefits insurance company of the accident and subsequent injury within 7 days.
  • Send in a completed accident benefits application to the insurance company within 30 days of receiving it. An insurer can delay accident benefits temporarily or altogether if this rule is not followed.
  • An insurance company can request more information to determine your entitlement. If you do not provide the information requested within ten days, your accident benefits can be outright denied or suspended.

The Impact Of Amputation: Medical, Psychological, And Rehabilitation Aspects

An amputation is such a devastating event that any personal injury lawyer will tell you that it has real medical, psychological, and rehabilitation effects.

Lifelong issues you may encounter – short-term or long-term – include post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, phantom limb syndrome, infection at the amputation site, stump pain, mental health difficulties such as depression and anxiety, additional surgeries, and the growth of bone in soft tissue, otherwise known as heterotopic ossification.

Then, there is the emotional burden. The use of assistive devices can help offset some of the negative sensations.

Financial Implications: Insurance Claims And Compensation For Amputation Injuries

How much compensation you can receive from a personal injury claim depends heavily on the circumstances of the case.

Large damages have been awarded in the past in response to amputation claims due to the impact an amputation has on all aspects of a person’s life. Pain and suffering, past and future income loss or earning potential, future cost of care, and loss of housekeeping and home maintenance capacity are four areas where there is significant compensation.

In some cases, we’ve seen millions of dollars total the compensation an accident victim receives.

There may also be financial compensation provided for the cost of modifying homes and vehicles, purchasing assistive devices and prosthetics, and for psychological counseling.

The Journey Of Recovery: Physical Therapy And Coping With Phantom Limb Pain

Recovery after an amputation is a tough road. Yes, amputation can save a patient’s life and/or limit the damage such a severe injury can have. It’s a resolution but amputation can still leave someone with sometimes extremely painful post-op symptoms.

Phantom pain is one such complication that is quite common among amputees. This is where a person may feel chronic pain in a limb that does not exist or a cramping pain where there is a missing limb.

Physical therapy can help and, fortunately, a lot of phantom pain diminishes slowly over time. In the interim, however, which can sometimes last multiple years, you’re left in pain and with limitations placed on you regarding your ability to work and enjoy life.

Do not underestimate the full extent of the impact an amputation can have on someone as they recover.

 Legal Strategies For Seeking Justice And Maximum Compensation

It can be challenging to identify negligence, to prove an entity responsible, or to put a number on income replacement benefits.

To try to identify sufficient insurance coverage to fully compensate an injury victim is another challenge. As your amputation lawyer, we will have expertise in looking at all available sources of compensation for our clients, including umbrella insurance policies, insurance brokers, property owners, school boards, and municipalities.

If a legal argument can be made to receive compensation from a given party, our legal team will be sure to consider it.

There may be additional injuries to note as well, such as lower leg injuries, tissue damage, blood clots, scar tissue, catastrophic impairment, blood vessel disease, severe burns, and mental health difficulties causing pain.

 Support Systems And Resources For Amputees And Their Families

It’s very natural to feel stressed and overwhelmed at the possibility of launching a personal injury claim based on an amputation injury. That said, support is here for you at Joshua Goldberg Law.

After a free consultation, should you decide to partner with our firm, we will ensure you are provided expert-level medical care.

Lean on us for your support system and we will do our best to point you towards resources to help you get back on your feet while we build the best case for you so that you receive the compensation you deserve and a successful outcome when battling back against an insurance company.

If you or a loved one is struggling with the aftermath of an amputation injury, contact us for a free consultation and specialized attention.

 Reach Out To An Amputation Injury Lawyer In Toronto At Joshua Goldberg Law

Every major amputation case or amputation claim we take on, we approach with kindness, expertise, and commitment.

The impact an amputation can have on anyone is nothing short of devastating. We’re in your corner to fight for you. Don’t let an accident or injury define you. The legal process is fraught with difficulty. At Joshua Goldberg Law, we’re here to help.

From car accidents and motorcycle accidents to medical malpractice, we are your best personal injury lawyer. We come with the experience to make a case before the courts and/or insurance company for financial compensation and can offer resources to minimize the emotional stress that comes with an amputation.

Set your mind at ease. Set up your case as best as anyone can. Meet up with a personal injury lawyer at Joshua Goldberg Law today.

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