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How to Decide on which Personal Injury Lawyer to Hire

by | Mar 14, 2023 | Legal, Personal Injury

Although it is not mandatory to hire a personal injury lawyer to deal with your claim, it is often a wise move.

There are many benefits to hiring a personal injury lawyer rather than dealing with the claim on your own. There are various factors to keep in mind and consider before deciding on which lawyer to retain for your personal injury claim.

When hiring a personal injury, it is useful to inquire how much experience they have in dealing with personal injury claims. The more experience a lawyer has, the more likely they are to have experience in dealing with various insurance companies and other lawyers. In addition, a lawyer will take the weight off your shoulders when dealing with building your file, deliberating with defense counsel and insurance companies, filing your claim within the limitation period, booking discoveries and mediations.

There are various questions that you can ask a lawyer when making the decision to retain them for your claim.

How long have you been in practice?

This is an important question to ask in order to understand the experience that the lawyer has. The more experience the lawyer has in the specific field of practice, the more likely they will be able to represent your claim successfully.

How long have you been working on personal injury cases?

Despite experience in other fields of law being useful, it is especially important to ensure that your lawyer has experience in personal injury cases specifically. With this experience your lawyer will have the knowledge and experience to properly navigate the process of your claim. In addition, they will be able to connect you with health care providers and experts for the benefit of your claim.

When a lawyer has specific experience in a field, they are more than likely to have already established connections with others. This means that they likely have experience working with various insurance companies, defense lawyers and adjusters. This is crucial to have when deciding on the lawyer that you will retain for your claim.


What types of settlements have you secured for injured people with similar circumstances?

Despite all settlements being different and dependent on the circumstances of the specific case, it is useful to find out the success rate that the lawyer has. If a lawyer has had success in previous claims similar to your circumstances, it is likely that they will be able to assist you in reaching a successful resolution. Settlements for claims are not guaranteed however it is useful to be aware of the success rate that the lawyer has.


How often do you handle cases similar to mine?

This question is also important to ask when establishing the experience, they have with working on claims similar to yours. The more experience a lawyer has working on similar cases, the likelihood of them being able to reach a successful resolution.


How much will it cost for me to hire you?

Most personal injury lawyers in Ontario work on a contingency basis. This means that they do not get paid until a settlement is attained. It is important to establish the contingency rate that will be deducted from your settlement if you decide to hire the lawyer in question.


How can I maintain contact with you?

It is important to ensure that the lawyer you retain remains in consistent communication with you regarding your claim. Make sure to ask the lawyer who the point of contact is at the firm. It is important that the lawyer you hire can either take your call or return your call promptly.

Building a personal injury case requires time and effort and hiring a lawyer takes that weight off of your shoulders. When you hire a lawyer to handle your file, they take care of your claim from the beginning until the point of settlement. In addition, the personal injury claim can carry on for months or even years. Hiring a lawyer allows them to prioritize your file and expedite the process as much as possible.

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