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A bone fracture is where the continuity of a bone experiences a complete break. Almost any part of the body can experience broken bones. It can occur in the skull, spine, ribs, arms, legs, pelvis, or in a multitude of other places.

Falls, impact injuries, and physical trauma are all common causes of bone fractures. For people who work in dangerous occupations, they are at a higher risk of experiencing a broken bone. The same can be said for someone who has been in a car accident or other type of motor vehicle accident.

Bone fractures are extremely painful and can interfere with one’s ability to perform a range of tasks depending on the location and type of fracture.

If you or a loved one has suffered a fracture injury because of another party’s negligence, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at Joshua Goldberg Law today. We can help evaluate the unique circumstances of your injury to determine whether there is a valid claim to file.

Exploring The Realm Of Broken Bone Claims In Toronto: A Legal Perspective

As it relates to a legal perspective handling broken bone claims, one must define how significant the injury is. This influences what compensation, if any, one may receive from at-fault parties.

Bone injuries are put into different classifications, defined by the severity of the fractured bone, its impact on a person’s life, and what treatment may be required to repair it.

For example, a broken bone that has fractured so severely that it’s gone up and through the skin will be treated a lot differently than a broken bone that hasn’t.

Furthermore, personal injury lawyers must evaluate a broken bone claim as it pertains to an individual’s ability to perform daily activities and the potential long-term consequences that the victim may be dealing with in the time to come.

The Nature And Types Of Bone Fractures: Understanding The Medical Bias

There are 7 primary types of bone fractures that a person may experience from an accident.

  • Complete fracture – when the bone fragments are separated in their entirety.
  • Incomplete fracture – when two bone fragments are still partially joined.
  • Compound fracture – when the bone breaks and pierces the skin.
  • Simple fracture – when the bone bone breaks but it does not puncture the skin.
  • Displacement fracture – when a broken bone moves from its original location to a different angle.
  • Compression fracture – typically occurs in the spine where one or more vertebrae bone collapse.
  • Spiral fracture – when part of the bone has been twisted.

Key Roles Of Personal Injury Lawyers In Broken Bone Cases

You may be recommended to commence a lawsuit for a broken bone injury if there is negligence involved.
Some examples of negligence include:

  • A car accident involving a negligent, distracted, or drunk driver.
  • A failure of a municipality or business to maintain a road or sidewalk to the legally acceptable standard.
  • A failure to implement proper safeguards and/or procedures.

When you connect with a personal injury lawyer for broken bones, their role is to determine how to proceed with a claim. In that, they must also define the severity of the injury with evidence and establish the consequences of it as it pertains to its impact on the victim’s life.

Chronic Pain And Permanent Impairments: The Long-Term Consequences Of Bone Injuries

The best treatment for any broken bone injuries is immediate medical care. Prompt medical attention will provide the most benefit. You may be recommended surgery or a non-surgical treatment, such as pain management and keeping it in a sling or cast to heal on its own.

Sadly, even after healing, chronic pain and permanent impairments may persist. A broken bone can often lead to permanently debilitating complications, sometimes requiring future surgeries, amputations, and ongoing care.

Among the long-term impacts of broken bone injuries are a permanently reduced range of motion, permanent or partial loss of use or disability, chronic pain, nerve damage, joint problems, anxiety, depression, loss of strength, and/or arthritis.

Each of these affects your ability to work and standard of living.

Navigating The Legal Process: From Injury To Compensation Claim

In most cases, you have two years from the date of the injury to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you are filing against a municipality, however, the time limit is only 10 days following the accident date. Speak to a personal injury lawyer right away to ensure you file within the proper time limits.

After a claim is filed, the legal proceedings can easily go on for months, if not years, before compensation is granted.

The Financial Impact Of Bone Fractures: Medical Expenses And Lost Wages

The financial impact of broken bones can be extensive which is why seeking compensation can be advantageous and within your rights.

Medical expenses are likely to come up, including transportation costs and other out-of-pocket costs. There may be future care costs associated with broken bones that you are not aware of yet.

In addition, one has to factor in the impact such injuries have on one’s ability to work. There may be past and future wage loss as well as a loss of earning capacity. You may be severely restricted with what kind of duties you are able to complete.

This means not only can broken bones increase your living costs but it can reduce your income as well.

Understanding Fracture Classifications: From Simple To Compound Fractures

Bones are fairly strong. They can withstand immense pressure and pain before breaking. Fractures do occur, however, when the right amount of pressure or force is applied.

There are simple fractures where the bone breaks but does not break through the skin. This type of broken bone injury varies in severity but can lead to an entire lifetime of struggling with physical, emotional, and psychological trauma.

Compound fractures are where the bone snaps with such force that it breaks through the skin. It’s a severe broken bone injury because not only do the broken bones need to be mended but you have an open wound requiring treatment to prevent infection and worsen the injury.

No matter which type of broken bone you have, both require immediate medical treatment to heal properly.

Legal Strategies For Proving Negligence In Broken Bone Injuries

To prove negligence, a personal injury lawyer must establish the circumstances behind how an injury occurred.

Negligence may be proved in whole or in part to claim compensation for injuries sustained in such an event. There may be concrete evidence in the form of photos or documents that can act as proof of negligence. Another legal strategy employed may be witness statements. These can establish important facts about who is at fault.

A personal injury lawyer may also bring in expert medical professionals or specialists to support the claims made in your case.

The Importance Of Expert Testimonies And Medical Evidence In Fracture Cases

The value of expert testimony is high. From a medical perspective, broken bones can heal quickly but can have a wide range of consequences that may not be obvious in the present or that a defendant may easily be able to question.

Despite their ability to heal quickly, broken bones can impair a person slowly over time. Expert testimonies and medical evidence can attest to what type of broken bone it is in the form of its classification. It can also set the context for how a victim is proceeding with their injury, doing what is recommended for them to do and pursuing all available avenues to heal.

Testimonies can also reveal the limitations of a person’s abilities and what they can struggle with physically or mentally.

In terms of trying to prove the full scope of consequences of a fracture or bone break, medical evidence like this is essential.

Achieving A Fair Settlement: The Journey To Justice For Fracture Victims

A broken bone injury brings with it significant changes to a person’s life, reducing their physical capabilities while impacting their mental health. While a complete recovery may be in the cards, the journey can be longer and more difficult than initially expected.

The costs of medical treatments and rehabilitation, and adapting to temporary or permanent limitations are challenging.

If there is a party responsible or negligence involved, there is no reason to not file a claim and pursue justice. We have represented many clients with broken bone injuries, concluding cases both by settlement and in court. Our firm will handle negotiations, strive to have your rights respected at all times, and will be your advocate as we pursue the maximum compensation.

Joshua Goldberg Law will work with you every step of the way to ensure fair justice and compensation are provided to you.

Reach out to a personal injury lawyer at our firm today for a free no-obligation consultation for more information.

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