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Canada has defective product laws in place that ensure that products put on the Canadian market meet specific safety standards and quality expectations. These are designed to protect the consumer from dangerous and defective products.

As Canadian law requires products to meet a certain standard, when they don’t, an experienced product liability lawyer can help.

Overview Of Product Liability Law In Toronto

When we are talking about defective products, we are really talking about product liability.

Product liability is a category of law that holds manufacturers, sellers, distributors, and other parties responsible for defective purchases. A product is considered defective when it has clear flaws in its design or manufacturer, or when a consumer is not given a warning regarding the potential hazards relating to the expected use of a product.

Please note that product liability claims do not refer to products that are non-tangible.

Understanding Defective Products And Their Impact

In provinces such as Ontario, within a legal context, the complainant must prove that a product is defective. In a product liability claim, this is defined as ”in a defective condition unreasonably dangerous to the user or consumer or to this property.”

In other words, the product falls short of reasonable standards.

When putting forth a product liability claim, it must also be judged by the standard in place at the time the product entered the marketplace and not the standard in place when the injury occurred.

The Role Of Product Liability Claims In Consumer Protection

Consumer protection is about guarding the general public from unfair practices in the marketplace.

Product liability claims support consumer protection in a major way as these cases tend to identify products that can cause serious harm, products that have not undergone safety testing, and products with overlooked design flaws.

When you speak with a defective products lawyer, they will go in-depth on how to investigate your claim, where negligence can be placed, and what sort of compensation is available based on the unique circumstances of your claim.

Navigating Free Consultations With Product Liability Lawyers

When you sit down for a free consultation with defective product lawyers, it’s key to share with them all the details relating to your injury and the product in question.

Defective product lawyers will want to know where the evidence is that supports your claim and will start formulating a case based on said evidence.

While you don’t need to bring any evidence to your consultation, sharing as many details as you can and providing context for what’s happened, will help your lawyer find the right path to put you on to produce the best legal result possible.

Differentiating Product Defects: Types And Consequences

There are three main types of product defects under which you can claim compensation under certain circumstances.

  • A manufacturing defect is one that occurs during product manufacturing. It includes mistakes made exclusively by the manufacturer, such as the use of faulty materials or food contamination.
  • A design defect is when the product flaw originates in the creation of the product, long before manufacturing begins. This typically relates to a flawed design or faulty structure.
  • Lastly, a marketing defect is one where a sufficient warning was not communicated, the product is mislabeled or miscategorized in some way, a lack of instruction on proper handling, and/or a failure to warn consumers of foreseeable injuries.

The Intersection Of Personal Injury Law And Defective Products

A defective product causing injury is a subcategory of personal injury law. The compensation being requested relates to the injuries acquired and injuries directly tied to the use of the product. To qualify for compensation, in a personal injury law context, the following conditions must be met.

  • The cause of the injury must be the product.
  • The injured party must prove the product to be defective.
  • The injured party must demonstrate and prove the product to have been defective at the time it was released by the manufacturer, supplier, or retailer.
  • The injured party must be able to prove the defect in the product is what caused the injury.

Manufacturing Defects: Identifying Faults In The Production Line

Manufacturers face the strictest standards when it comes to ensuring there are no defects in the products they produce.

There are unfortunately many ways in which defects can occur in manufacturing, from using cheap materials to not following design protocols correctly when building a product, incorrect installations, using harmful chemicals, incorrect user instructions, no indication on the product or product packaging of risks, and improper warning labels.

The most common defective products are medical devices, pharmaceutical drugs, children’s toys, and household appliances, and most of these defects are traced back to manufacturing with no other party involved.

Exploring The Distribution Chain In Product Liability Cases

Further down the distribution chain, there are importers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers that all hold responsibility for product liability.

If they present a product in a way the manufacturer did not intend, obscure instructions on how to use, eliminate safety warnings or don’t represent key information on safety, this can all make others in the distribution chain liable.

To have them held accountable before the courts, one must build a case that ties negligence to their actions.

 Why Experience Counts In Choosing A Product Liability Lawyer

A product liability lawyer Toronto should have experience, and know the ins and outs of how these cases are built and won.

After all, the burden of proof lies on the plaintiff to prove the product was defective and that it contributed or caused the injury. This is done by building a case demonstrating the injury would not have occurred if the defendant had exercised reasonable care.

When you select a product liability lawyer, ensure that bring the expertise to the table to be able to help you maximize compensation.

 The Significance Of Product Defects In Legal Contexts

To defend a product liability claim, the party must answer either to contract law or tort law. If the claim relates to a contractual relationship between the manufacturer and the customer, liability is usually founded on contract law.

With some claims, however, tort law is used. When this is the case, compensation for damages or injuries due to a defective product relies on proving negligence. This is the significance of product defects in a legal context.

To establish negligence in a product defect claim, a plaintiff must establish the following:

  • The defendant owed a duty of care to the plaintiff with respect to the product.
  • The product is proven to be defective or unreasonably dangerous.
  • The defect caused or contributed to the plaintiff’s damages.
  • The plaintiff’s damages were reasonably foreseeable.

 Medical Devices And Product Liability: A Complex Relationship

Medical devices must be safe for public use, however, medical devices and product liability have a complex relationship.

Many medical product manufacturers refuse to be held liable and will argue that it is the healthcare professional’s responsibility to inform the customer of the intended manner in which a product should be used, its potential dangers, and the product’s risks. They argue the primary duty of educating the customer falls on the shoulders of these professionals and not on the manufacturer.

Your legal representation must take this into account when building a case and a medical device manufacturer is being presented as the responsible party.

 Calculating Medical Expenses And Damages In Product Liability

Clear evidence must be given as to the extent of the injuries and the financial losses that occurred from encountering a product defect.

Exact numbers must be given relating to finances for physical injuries, medical bills, loss of income, and other financial impacts. There are many financial-related losses you can claim, including lost wages for missed work, decreased future earning capacity if the injury has impacted you this way, medical expenses that you’ve paid for out-of-pocket, future medical care costs, and pain and suffering caused by the defective product.

 Legal Strategies To Warn Consumers And Exclude Liability

There are many legal strategies stakeholders may use to exclude themselves of liability.

Manufacturers and suppliers may contractually exclude liability for defective products when they use sales contracts that explicitly stipulate it falls on the shoulder of the seller.

 Proving Negligence And Establishing Fault In Defective Product Cases

Product liability claims can be brought against any party involved in the distribution of a product. This includes manufacturers, inspectors and certifiers, importers and wholesalers, general distributors, retailers, repairers and installers, and product owners.

However, as any experienced defective product lawyer will tell you, a plaintiff must prove negligence when they bring forth a claim.

 Understanding Strict Liability And Its Impact On Consumers

Strict liability exists when a party is liable for committing an action, such as a product defect, regardless of their intentions.

A manufacturing defect, for example, is still a manufacturing defect regardless of what the intent was. As sound as the manufacturing process may have been and as moral as a manufacturer may be, it is still their responsibility to not produce a faulty product.

For consumers, strict liability offers the utmost protection, regardless of whether it’s medical devices or general consumer products.

 The Legal Process: From Claim Filing To Compensation In Product Liability

After you file a claim, you may wish to pursue private legal action and negotiations with the defendant. In many cases, defective product lawyers fighting on your behalf can settle claims out of court and save you money in the process.

Unless it’s a class action lawsuit that requires court approval, you can acquire compensation through a settlement agreement if all parties agree that is how they wish to proceed.

With non-Canadian companies, they can still be held responsible for a defect. This is because as they release products to the public, there is a legal expectation for them to have reasonably foreseen how their product will be used, purchased, and consumed within a given territory or region.

In terms of statutory obligations to recover damages, if you’ve been injured by using a product with a defect, you have up to two years from the date of the injury to file a claim. After that, you give up the right to pursue legal action for suffered injuries.

 Holding Parties Accountable: Manufacturer To Consumer Responsibilities

If you want to put forth a defective product claim before the Canadian courts, as with any product liability cases, ensure your claim is strong and backed by evidence.

Connect with a product liability lawyer at Joshua Goldberg Law. We have the skills and experience to prepare the evidence we need and to file the paperwork to make your case one that nets you the most compensation for your injuries possible.

When you need a defective product lawyer, call us at Joshua Goldberg Law. We are here for you.

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